Why and when should you wear no show socks
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Why and when should you wear no show socks

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Socks are one of the most underappreciated and under-considered parts of our everyday wardrobe. For most people, they're usually an afterthought, not something we consider when we choose them. The appearance of invisible socks can let us improve the attention of socks.


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  • Why should you wear no show socks

  • When should you wear no show socks

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Why should you wear no show socks

No show socks work best for a "nude" look, or when you want socks that are comfortable, rather than the "geek" aesthetic they can sometimes create. Some people choose not to wear socks, mainly because they don't know invisible socks exist, or they haven't found a good pair of socks to wear every day.


The problem with not wearing socks is that it is unhygienic and exposes your feet to outside influences, increasing the risk of damage to the soles of your feet. Socks must be worn with shoes because they can protect your feet from sweat and prevent friction between the skin and the shoe, which can cause blisters. Often wearing shoes without socks can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, which can worsen the condition inside the shoes. Socks are not only for their own benefit, but also to maintain the condition of the shoe. Invisible socks are an easy way to prevent odors from accumulating inside your shoes and keep your feet and insides clean.


When should you wear no show socks

Socks are often difficult to match with clothes. Sometimes, they can make your other clothes look "ugly" or offensive. For years, they've been known as a form of "dad style." Socks can make or break any image. No show socks give you the appearance of bare feet, but still protect your feet and your shoes.


When thinking about how to pair your invisible socks, it's best to pair them with clothes that you want to show your ankles. Consider what you wear when you wear high heels or low-soled sneakers, and the type of pants you wear that are cut off above the ankle. Here are some of the most common pairs of pants and shoes to wear with no show socks:

Pants: Shorter pants, shorts, or cuffed chinos or jeans

Shoes: Loafers, boat shoes, moccasins, low-toed sneakers, running shoes or canvas shoes (or you can pair invisible socks with some pretty shoes)

Dress shoes: oxfords, monk shoes or casual shoes


Hack for no show socks

For those who don't own no show socks and don't want to invest in a pair:

All you have to do is straighten the socks and fold them back under your feet.

When you pull the sock down, hang the excess part of the sock and wrap it around your feet.

Then hook it behind your heel.

Some people may choose to use this method instead of buying a discreet pair of socks, especially if they want to try the style but don't want to buy a pair of no show socks.

However, we recommend that everyone invest in a pair of invisible socks that they can wear every day. You can wear socks when you're not wearing shoes at home.


Invisible socks can not only protect our feet, they can also help to keep our shoes in shape. They can help us recover from blisters or stop our feet from sweating during the warmer months.


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