What is the difference between pet wipes and baby wet wipes
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What is the difference between pet wipes and baby wet wipes

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Nowadays, many people have pets at home. However, the usual cleaning of pets has become a problem. Many people still use towels to wipe their pets, and some have begun to use pet wipes. Some people think that pets can also use baby wipes. There is no need to buy these pet wipes for dogs. What they don't know, however, is that pet wipes for dogs are very different from baby wipes. Then, let's introduce in detail what is the difference between pet wipes and baby wet wipes?


Here is the content list:

  • PH value

  • Nutritional components

  • Disinfection and sterilization

  • Deodorize and itch


PH value

Many people do not know that the PH value of people and pets is different (the PH value of people is 5.2~6.2, the PH value of dogs is 5.5 and 7.5), so pets are tender than human skin. The PH value of human wipes is naturally designed according to the human skin pH value. Pet use is not appropriate. So even baby wipes can damage the pet's body or hair.


Nutritional components

Most baby wipes are rich in nutrients, such as aloe extract and lotion. This can play a good role in moisturizing the skin for infants. However, for pets, these ingredients are not only useless but may also create an unnecessary burden on the pet itself. Pet wipes for dogs have special nutrition, moisturizing and nursing agent formula. Contains pet hair care ingredients, can make dog hair more smooth and glossy.


Disinfection and sterilization

Sterilization in baby wipes is usually done by alcohol, but as mentioned above, the pH value of alcohol is not suitable for pets, so it is best not to use wipes that add alcohol. And dogs usually roll on the grass and so on, which shows that dogs have a lot of bacteria. Alcohol does not completely sterilize pets, so it is necessary to develop a more suitable sterilizing formula for pets. Only in this way, pet wipes for dogs can play the role of disinfection and sterilization. Of course, pet wipes are not suitable for babies, otherwise, the consequences may be unthinkable.


Deodorize and itch

For babies, deodorizing and itching are not necessary. But for pets, they can't bathe every day. First of all, pets themselves resist bathing. They don't like wet bathing products. Second, a bath for pets is very laborious, they will not be only moved, but also very resistant. So many families don't choose to bathe their pets every day. At this time, pets need deodorization and itching. Therefore, pet wipes for dogs will have a more deodorant and antipruritic function than baby wipes, and this is also a must-have ingredient, using more may also give your pet a less bath.


Above, you can know that baby wipes can not replace pet wipes. Don't buy baby wipes for your dog. Choose Hangzhou An Bo Textile Co., Ltd. pet wipes for dogs. It will be more professional and effective and give you a clean and bright pet.


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