What are the materials of baby wet wipes?
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What are the materials of baby wet wipes?

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What are the materials of baby wet wipes?

There are so many kinds of biodegradable baby wet wipes on the market, and we will pick them up before we buy them. With so many brands of baby wet wipes, there are actually some differences in their raw materials, including materials and liquids. So what are the differences between them?

l  What are the materials of baby wet wipes?

l  What kind of baby wet wipes is the best?

l  What are the advantages in using them?


What are the materials of baby wet wipes?

The main ingredients of baby wet wipes include non-woven fabrics, water and additives.

As the name implies, non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need to be woven and is made by directly bonding fibers together by mechanical and thermal bonding methods. There are many raw materials for making non-woven fabrics, and there are many ways to make non-woven fabrics according to the different raw materials. Among the many types of non-woven fabrics, spun lace non-woven fabrics mainly use high pressure to spray fine water streams onto the fiber web, so that one or more layers of fibers are entangled with each other to form a network or firmness and strength. The non-woven fabric made in this way not only has a soft feel, but also has a certain tensile strength.

The liquid content of baby wet wipes is generally around 80%. A too low moisture ratio will cause the wipes to be too dry, and too high to appear too moist, both of which are inconvenient to use. After repeated tests, only when the liquid content is 80% is the most appropriate. 90% of the liquid ingredients in baby wipes are water, and the rest are some additive ingredients. Therefore, in order to avoid the reaction between the two, the water in baby wet wipes needs special treatment, and most of them will be labeled as "refined water." "Pure water", "RO pure water" and so on.

What kind of baby wet wipes is the best?

l  Free of alcohol, flavors, and toxic chemicals.

The baby's skin is very delicate and fragile. It is best to use natural products when using baby wipes. There are many baby wet wipes with various alcohols, essences, and preservatives added to make the wipes smell good. In fact, such products are not good for babies. Baby wet wipes for sensitive skin that contain fewer chemical ingredients are more reliable.

l  Good tightness

Baby wet wipes have high requirements for packaging. Sealed, non-breakable baby wet wipes indicate good quality and are worth buying. Because the wet wipes contain water, in the process of production, transportation, and sales, it is easy to come into contact with bacteria if the sealing is not good.


What are the advantages in using them?

l  Baby wet wipes are PH balanced.

l  They can soothe your baby's skin and reduce odors, keeping your baby's skin soft and clean.

l  When there is no water at home or around, baby wet wipes are ideal for mothers to clean.

l  Quick and easy sanitation throughout the day.

l  Suitable for regular use.


The raw materials of most baby wet wipes are the same, but some ingredients are slightly different. As long as you don't buy baby wipes that contain toxic chemicals, you can choose the others according to your needs. Welcome to contact Hangzhou Anbo Textile Co., Ltd. Our natural organic baby wet wipes are certified by authorities and will not cause harm to your baby.


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