What are the characteristics of fuzzy socks?
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What are the characteristics of fuzzy socks?

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What are the characteristics of fuzzy socks?

Coral fleece is a novel and popular textile fabric, and the slipper socks made of it are also very hot. Fuzzy socks have good coverage, fine texture, good performance in environmental protection and water absorption, and no irritation to the skin. Many people like this kind of socks. Here are some characteristics of fuzzy socks.

Here is the content list:

l Self attributes

l Disadvantages

l How to avoid hair loss disaster

Self attributes

Coral fleets are manufactured with imported DTY microfiber as raw materials. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: it feels soft and fine, does not lose hair, and is easy to dye.

l Soft touch: The single filament has fine fineness and low bending modulus, so the fabric has outstanding softness.

l Good coverage: Because the density between the fibers is higher, the specific surface area is large, so the coverage is good.

l Good use: Because the fiber has a large specific surface area, so it has a higher core suction effect and permeability, wearing comfortable decontamination is good: because the fiber fabric is pliable, can be closely fitted with the object to be wiped, so it has a very good cleaning effect.

l Optical property: Because the specific surface area of the fiber is large, the light reflection of the surface of the fiber assembly is poor, therefore, the fabric made of this kind of fiber, the color and lustre is quietly elegant and soft. It is easy to get static electricity, and it is recommended to wash before wearing because of the hair shedding phenomenon in the weaving principle.


Coral fleece socks are prone to static electricity, because of the existence of weaving principle will also have the phenomenon of hair loss. Fuzzy socks are advised to be avoided by people with sensitive skin and asthma because they lose their hair easily.

How to avoid hair loss disaster

l After buying a new pair of fuzzy socks, be sure to clean them with water before use, and the water temperature should be controlled at about 30 degrees Celsius.

l Skin is prone to dry in the winter, so apply a lotion or moisturizer to your body before using fuzzy socks to avoid shedding.

l When cleaning fuzzy socks, you can also change the detergent to the anti-static detergent, which can also effectively reduce the hair loss of slipper socks.

l When buying fuzzy socks, we should also pay attention to, try to choose good quality slipper socks. Now everyone is used to online shopping, but the quality of the things on the Internet is uneven, so you must pay attention to the purchase. Poor quality coral fleece is more likely to shed. So from the source to avoid losing hair to choose high quality coral fleece.

The main benefit of fuzzy socks is warmth. In winter, you don't need to wear shoes at home. Wearing this kind of socks is very comfortable and warm. Cozy socks are super soft. Slipper socks can also be worn out, many colors, wearing looks particularly cute.


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