What Is Disposable Paper Soap
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What Is Disposable Paper Soap

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The paper soap is made of food grade pure natural flowers and plants essential oil, without soap based chemical raw materials. The product contains active decontamination factors and removes skin dirt gently. Paper soap can dissolved in water completely, and penetrate into the skin quickly and effectively, sterilize and moisturize the skin

How To Use Paper Soap

When wash your hands, just take out a small piece of paper soap, add some water and rub it with your hands gently. it will produce a very rich foam, and the foam is very delicate, smooth and moist,The paper soap will disappear in an instant, leaving only the fragrant foam. Light as paper, soft as silk, easy to carry and with cheap price

Different Paper Soap

Paper soap have different kinds and style, including bath paper soap and flower soap, petal soap and other products. There are orange, apple, strawberry and other fruit flavors , rose, lavender and other flower fragrance milk favor types. 

The paper soap adopts transparent independent packaging, the petal shape is realistic in marketing, and there are heart-shaped little stars and roses etc different color and shape


Paper soap can be widely used for schools, families, bank, hotels, especially when traveling, or as gifts and decorations


Paper soap packed in a plastic box with 20pcs, 50pcs,100pcs etc, the boxes can be custom print with your own logo per your request, the paper soap valid for 36months

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