How to wash fuzzy socks
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How to wash fuzzy socks

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Coral fleece is a new type of fabric. As the name suggests, fuzzy is a colorful, good covering coral-like textile fabric. Its texture is fine, soft feel, no hair, no ball, no fade. It absorbs water well, three times as much as all cotton products. Keeping your slipper socks last depends not only on how often you wear them, but also on how you wash them. Just like you wouldn't throw your favorite sweater in the washer and dryer, fuzzy socks also need a special wash. Since fuzzy socks are hand-woven from 100% pure fuzzy, they require extra care to ensure you can enjoy them season after season. Here's how to wash fuzzy socks step by step.

Here is the content list:

  • Turn inside out

  • Hand or machine wash in cold water (mild setting)

  • Add a mild fuzzy shampoo

  • Rinse with cold water

  • Remove excess water

  • Let dry in a cool place

Turn inside out

Turning your slipper socks inside out will not only protect the delicate fuzzy appearance, but also allow the fuzzy lining to be properly washed -- touching the parts of your legs and feet that will retain the smell over time.

Hand or machine wash in cold water (mild setting)

Fuzzy is a fine fiber that shrinks with warm water. Keep the water temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the color doesn't run off. If machine wash, wash fuzzy socks only to avoid any possible discoloration. The best way is to wash them by hand in a sink or basin, with extra care.

Add a mild fuzzy shampoo

It is important to use the right fuzzy detergent or shampoo. Fuzzy is a fibre that requires extra care. If washing your hands, gently rotate and agitate your slipper socks in the sink or basin for a few minutes, then quickly remove them.

Rinse with cold water

Rinse fuzzy socks with cold water to completely remove detergent.

Remove excess water

Gently roll up slipper socks with a towel to drain excess moisture until the fuzzy socks feel damp.

Let dry in a cool place

Direct sunlight can cause natural dyes to fade, so if you want to keep your fuzzy  socks in perfect shape, leave them flat in the shade to dry. If you see them shrink in the wash, you can slowly restore them to their original shape. One day, your slipper socks will be ready to wear and enjoy again!

One of the nice things about fuzzy socks is that they are 100% woven and naturally odor-proof, so you won't need to wash them as often as you would with other slipper socks. Also, because the sole of the socks are fuzzy, the whole slipper is washable, unlike stiff-soled slippers. Coral fleece fabric is prone to static electricity, and due to its weaving principle, there will be hair loss phenomenon. If your skin is very dry in the winter, apply some moisturizer before wearing it, or use an anti-static detergent when washing.

In daily use, the fuzzy socks should always be bathed in the sun and gently patted to remove the smell of sweat, dust and dander attached to the socks. The nap should be carefully combed to keep the cozy socks clean, fluffy and soft. Picking should be prevented to keep the texture of the fuzzy socks elastic.


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