How to choose quality baby wet wipes?
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How to choose quality baby wet wipes?

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How to choose quality baby wet wipes?

When we search for "baby wet wipes" in stores or shopping websites, the various products that appear in front of us may make us unable to start, because there are many brands and quantities of baby wet wipes to choose from. New parents or caregivers often find themselves buying baby wipes that have never been bought in the market before. So how can I find the best baby wet wipes for my baby?


l  What is the history of baby wet wipes?

l  How to choose different types of baby wet wipes?

l  Are baby wet wipes harmful to the environment?


What is the history of baby wet wipes?

At the Chicago National Restaurant Show in 1960, the first wet wipes appeared. In 1963, KFC began to use a lot, and wet wipes entered our lives. In 1944, the Procter & Gamble company first introduced baby wet wipes, which can restore the baby's skin to a fresh state more conveniently and quickly. Once it was launched, it was welcomed by mothers. With the continuous acceleration of the pace of life in modern society and the continuous increase of labor costs, baby disposable wet wipes have become an indispensable product for many families to clean the baby's mouth, butt, etc., and are developing at a rapid rate.


How to choose different types of baby wet wipes?

l  Scented VS Unscented Baby Wipes

The skin of newborn babies is usually very tender and proper care must be taken to avoid rashes and other skin problems. The fragrance in the wet wipes is due to the addition of some chemical ingredients. This is the main reason why scented wipes should be avoided. Scented baby wet wipes are usually made of certain chemicals, which can cause health-related problems to babies. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary costs, parents are advised to avoid using scented baby wipes as much as possible.

l  Reusable VS disposable wipes

We also hope that disposable baby wipes will be widely used, because this is a better and sanitary wise choice.

But some babies get rashes when they touch disposable wipes, which in turn provides more advantages for reusable wipes. Moreover, for those who hate washing reusable wipes, reusable wipes are a better choice. When we pay attention to environmental friendliness, reusable baby wet wipes are also very environmentally friendly because they can reduce the intensity of environmental pollution. In terms of cost, the use and maintenance costs of reusable wipes are also very low.

If you are still unsure about which baby wipes you experience better, you can try to use reusable baby wet wipes first, and then switch to disposable wipes. Through this simple analysis, you can determine the advantages and disadvantages of each type of disposable and reusable baby wipes. Baby wipes in different packages

l  Special wet wipes in different scenarios

Baby wet wipes also have different functions. Some are used for simple cleaning and erasing, and some are used for special parts such as ass and mouth. There are also household wipes, travel wipes and so on. Travel packaging is usually divided into two types of container packaging. The first is a rigid plastic box that can be opened in some way to allow the use of baby non-woven wet wipes. This kind of travel bag is very convenient. The second type of travel wipes is packed in a plastic bag, usually a sticker type on it. They do not take up too much space, but the self-adhesive tends to gradually lose its ability to close.


Are baby wet wipes harmful to the environment?

With the deterioration of the global environment, when we use small things like baby wipes, we should always consider whether it is environmentally friendly. Some baby wet wipes on the market use non-woven fabrics that cannot be degraded, but some baby wipes manufacturers choose biodegradable materials, which are very environmentally friendly.


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