How to choose newborn socks?
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How to choose newborn socks?

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How to choose newborn socks?

In the autumn and winter season, the choice of baby socks is a very key problem. Not only the comfort of newborn socks, or the quality of them, are very important for the health of the baby. The following article will introduce some attention when selecting kid socks.

Here is the content list:

  • Element of choosing

  • Matters needing attention

  • How to choose the right size baby socks online

Element of choosing

  • The hose is short. The baby's feet grow differently from adults. They are no ankles, and their calves are very short. The stock hose has a short section.

  • Width of elastic mouth. The baby socks should be a little wider, moderately tight, open set in the baby's ankle will not choke meat.

  • Loosen up a bit. The growth of the baby's feet left room, but also not easy to top broken. Cut your baby's toenails often.

Matters needing attention

  • The materials are tailored to local conditions. Cotton towel socks are perfect for toddlers. When babies are toddlers, cotton floor socks or plush socks are best for babies in cold weather or cold areas to keep them warm.

  • Breathable and sweat absorbing. The breathability and sweat absorption of baby socks are very important, which can promote skin respiration, deodorize and moistureproof, and prevent mold from breeding. Silk newborn socks have good air permeability and cotton newborn socks have good sweat absorption. Baby socks can be blended with cotton and silk, both breathable and sweat absorption.

  • The tightness should be moderate. Not only should the kid socks be the right size, but also the tightness of the hosiery waist. Some mothers in order to prevent the baby pedal feet make baby socks off, deliberately choose a tight sock waist or another elastic band, the socks set on the baby's ankles. This will affect the baby's blood circulation, is not good.

  • Baby socks have no slit at the front. Some children socks front end is not continuous knitting, but stitched, very uncomfortable to toe stimulation. Especially for shoe-wearing babies, do not choose kid socks with front stitches. Also, be careful to trim the threads out of your socks.

  • The color should not be too loud. Fancy colors need more dyes, dyes will contain lead formaldehyde and other harmful substances, harmful to the growth and development of the baby. Especially babies, often chew their feet, easy to increase the risk of chronic poisoning.

How to choose the right size baby socks online

Before choosing online shopping, it is best to measure the baby's foot plate size, because the actual length of the foot plate is the most reliable. The actual length of the bottom of the foot of the plus or minus one centimeter range is the absolute safety range, such as the sole of the foot of 10 centimeters long baby, choose tiling 9-11 centimeters of baby socks is absolutely no problem. If it is particularly fat, increase the size appropriately. After all, the baby is growing up, so when you buy children socks, you must prefer big to small. If you buy it big, you can wait for the baby to grow up and then give it to him (her). If it is small, it is a waste of resources.

The above is the attention to the purchase of baby socks. Choosing a pair of appropriate socks for your baby is very important for the healthy growth of your baby.


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