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Do glasses wipes hurt lenses

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With the progress of the times, more and more people wear glasses. However, glasses used in daily life so high frequency also can be contaminated with a lot of dust. Many myopic people are bothered by this problem. Now the invention of glasses wipes can solve this problem well. However, there are still many people who take good care of the lens worry about whether glasses wipes will damage the lens. Then, let's introduce in detail are the glasses wipes clean enough?


Here is the content list:

  • Ingredients of wet wipes

  • Quality assurance

  • Material of glasses wipe

Ingredients of wet wipes

Viewed from the composition, glasses wipes consist of water, alcohol, and detergent. Any of these ingredients, taken alone, will do a great job of cleaning lenses. For example, water, if we do not have glasses, we will also use wipes. It's usually dipped in a paper towel or towel and cleaned. The main purpose is to remove small dust or sticky stains that are difficult to remove with dry paper towels. And alcohol, presumably everyone knows how strong it is to clean. Alcohol also dissolves organic matter. If be not careful to delimit the lens with a marker pen, wipe it gently with alcohol can purify easily. What's more, alcohol still has the effect of disinfection. The lenses used every day will attach bacteria, and it is not good to touch the skin if not cleaned regularly. And cleaning agent most refers to lens special cleaning agent. This cleanser can not only clean the lens but also prevent dust and fog. Glasses wipes form a protective film on the surface of the lens, slightly preventing dust and effectively preventing the lens from fogging up. This will save you the trouble of rubbing your lenses frequently and will not cause embarrassing situations.


Quality assurance

The function of glasses wipes is to clean the lens, so there is no need to doubt its professionalism. It's going to be differentiated in terms of functionality. There are special car glass wipes, mirror glass wipes, and glasses wipes that are very powerful. As long as you choose the right wipes depending on the type of glass you want to clean, you can't go wrong. In addition, the regular glasses wipes on the market are put into production and use only after passing the inspection. You can rest assured of that. And high-quality glasses wipes must have safe composition and qualified inspection.


Material of glasses wipes

Many glasses wipe directly use soft fiber paper, which is not rough at all. With such soft paper, as well as water lubrication, want to damage the lens is unlikely. Some glasses wipes are non-woven. The fabric itself is so soft that you don't have to worry about scratching your lenses. You know, your lenses aren't that fragile. It can withstand the friction of such soft wipes.


I believe that after reading these, your worries should have been lifted. It should be believed that since glasses wipes have been widely used, there will be no such quality problems. All you need to do now is buy some glasses wipes to wash your glasses.


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