Brief introduction to no show socks
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Brief introduction to no show socks

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Brief introduction to no show socks

No show socks are socks that reach five centimeters above the ankle and covers the entire ankle when worn. Invisible socks are a kind of socks. They are suitable for people of all ages and are very comfortable and beautiful to wear. This article is a basic introduction to low cut socks.

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Invisible socks are a kind of socks, up to five centimeters above the ankle, worn to cover the entire ankle, mostly made of cotton or nylon. No show socks are the standard equipment of school uniforms in many areas. Most of the socks in student uniforms are cotton socks. They are mainly white and dark colored (such as black and dark blue), depending on the school rules or the prevailing school spirit.


Invisible socks are composed of 3 parts by sock mouth, sock holder and sock foot. The no show socks include heel, soles and socks back, socks head. The purpose of the hosiery is to keep the edge of the sock from coming loose and clinging to the leg. There are 5 main parameters of invisible socks: size, soles, total length, mouth length and heel height.


Invisible socks reduce friction between your feet and your shoes, keep your feet warm and absorb sweat. Low cut socks are worn when wearing shoes that cover the entire ankle, such as sneakers, boots, and leather shoes. And when wearing sandals or slippers, very few people will be used to wearing invisible socks.


Can be used "tight, loose, big, smooth, neat, clear" 6 words to summarize, namely socks mouth and socks are tight, socks bottom should be loose, socks heel is big, socks surface is smooth, sock mouth is flat without askew, needle grain organization is clear, pattern, socks tip and socks heel without dew needle.


When washing invisible socks, you should choose warm water and hand-washing method as far as possible. Do not throw no show socks directly into the washing machine for cleaning, because the rapid rotation of the washing machine will cause severe damage to the invisible socks, resulting in the loss of the original elasticity and luster of the socks. If you want to use a washing machine, it is best to first put the low cut socks in a sandy net bag, and then put in the washing machine for washing. If you wash by hand, do not use hard soap grinding or sprinkle washing powder rubbing, the best method is to use detergent with hand rubbing. Try not to twist the no show socks after cleaning, so as not to destroy the fiber tissue of the socks.


Soak your newly purchased, unopened no show socks in warm water for 10 minutes. Then shake dry with a dryer and iron with a low temperature iron. The durability of invisible socks treated in this way is greatly improved.

Invisible socks are a special kind of socks. No show socks, as the name suggests are to put on the shoes and can’t see the socks, which is popular with fashionable youth and women. Especially in the summer, wear a pair of breathable and beautiful invisible socks, both comfortable and beautiful.


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