Brief introduction to newborn socks
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Brief introduction to newborn socks

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Brief introduction to newborn socks

Newborn socks are socks worn by the baby. Not for anyone under the age of 18, but for younger children. Normal teenager (less than 18 years old) wear socks will not be called baby socks. Children socks are only a certain range, there is not a very standard definition. Here is a brief introduction to kid socks.

Here is the content list:

  • How to distinguish baby cotton socks?

  • The necessity of buying baby socks

  • The main points of choosing baby socks

  • The mistakes of wearing baby socks

How to distinguish baby cotton socks?

  • Material: The difference between cotton material and chemical fiber material.

  • Anti-slip particles at the bottom of the socks: Genuine quality, clear particles; The quality of imitation is poor, and the particles are not clear.

  • Color: Regular manufacturers, the use of harmless active color, so the original color is very comfortable and very positive. Smaller production workshops, often the use of cheap direct dye, copy of the physical color rich colourful uncomfortable.

  • Genuine feel thicker, some comfortable material; Imitation version feels relatively thin, smooth but stiff material.

The necessity of buying baby socks

The baby is in the period of continuous growth and development, the development of each organ and system is not mature, so is the function of temperature regulation. Small heat production capacity, large heat dissipation capacity, poor peripheral blood circulation. If you put baby socks on your child, you can keep warm to a certain extent and avoid catching cold.

As babies grow older, their range of motion expands. In particular, the increase of lower limb activities, pedal more opportunities, damage to the skin, the opportunity to increase the toe. Wearing kid socks can reduce these injuries.

The scope of activity is large, and the baby's skin is in contact with the outside environment. Some dirt, such as dirt, thread and other harmful substances containing bacteria, can invade the baby through the baby's delicate skin, increasing the chance of infection. Put on children socks on the baby's skin to keep clean and sanitary role.

The main points of choosing baby socks

Baby socks can buy a few more, design and color as far as possible simple, facilitate collocation.

Newborn socks choose a little bigger, to the small foot has room for growth.

Choose children socks with solid seams and thick tops and soles, so they are easy to wear and not easy to break.

The stocking should not be too long, the stocking mouth should be wide, and the tightness should be moderate. This is because the baby has no ankles, and the calves are short and thick.

Don't ignore the light inside socks. Buy baby socks to turn over, cut off all the thread inside, to prevent the thread wrapped baby's little toe, serious can cause ischemia or even necrosis.

The mistakes of wearing baby socks

Wear new baby socks straight on. Don't ignore the light on the inside of the sock. Buy kid socks should be turned over, cut out all the thread inside, to prevent the thread wrapped toe caused by ischemia and even necrosis.

A baby that can't walk doesn't need socks.

In the hot summer, the indoor air conditioning, the baby likes to walk barefoot on the floor, do not wear newborn socks easy to catch cold.

It is necessary to put socks on the baby, and It is also important to choose a comfortable pair of baby socks for your baby.


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