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Are the glasses wipes clean enough

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Now more and more people wear glasses, and the cleaning of lenses is a big problem. In life, the lens is easily stained with dust, water stains, and oil stains. This is very painful for myopic people. But glasses wipes invention saved many people. Then, let's introduce in detail are the glasses wipes clean enough?


Here is the content list:

  • In terms of composition

  • In terms of function

  • In terms of quality


In terms of composition

The composition, glasses wipe consists of water, alcohol, and detergent. These ingredients either taken out alone can clean the lenses well. For example, water, we will use it if we don't have glasses wipes. In most cases, it will also be wiped with paper or towel water. The main purpose is to remove small dust or stains that are difficult to erase with dry paper towels. And alcohol, presumably everyone knows how strong its cleanliness is. And alcohol can also dissolve organic matter. If accidentally with a marker to the lens, with alcohol gently wipe can be easily removed. Moreover, alcohol also has the function of disinfection. The lenses usually used every day are sure to attach bacteria, and it is not good to touch the skin without regular cleaning. Most of the cleaners refer to lens-specific cleaners. This cleaner not only cleans the lenses but also prevents dust and fog. It can form a protective film on the lens surface, slightly prevent dust, but also effectively prevent the lens from fogging. This saves the trouble of often rubbing lenses, and there will be no embarrassment.


In terms of function

Glasses wipes’ function is to clean the lens, so do not question its professionalism. The glasses wipes of Hangzhou An Bo Textile Co., Ltd. are to climb another high building. It will also distinguish between functions. There are special car glass wipes, mirror glass wipes, and glasses wipes. Just choose the right wipes according to the type of glass you want to clean, basically no wrong. And the wipes of different functions even different detergent formula is so rigorous.


In terms of quality

The formal glasses wipes on the market are put into production and use after inspection. You can greatly trust this one. And good quality glasses wipes must be safe and qualified. For example, Hangzhou An Bo Textile Co., Ltd.’s wipes are excellent in either type. And quality control is also very good, do not worry about buying some defective products. This situation not only can not wipe the lens but also bad mood, do not need. Or choose a brand that can let oneself rest assured is better.


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