Are China baby wet wipes safe to use?
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Are China baby wet wipes safe to use?

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Are China baby wet wipes safe to use?

With the rapid development of global trade integration, China baby wet wipes have been exported to various countries. Commodity trade, capital circulation, etc. are no longer only carried out within the country, but the process of globalization. People from different countries can buy goods on the same website. So, are China baby wipes safe to use?


l  Is there any difference between China baby wet wipes and wet wipes in other countries?

l  How about the price of China baby wipes?

l  How can I get China baby wet wipes?


Is there any difference between China baby wipes and wet wipes in other countries?

Many people may not have used China baby wet wipes, so they feel a little worried about them. In fact, the production and processing of China baby wipes also go through a very strict procedure before entering the market for trading.

The compliance requirements of China's baby wet wipes are divided into two parts.

First, the label or description of the wet wipes should be compiled in accordance with relevant regulations, excluding content that does not meet the requirements; Second, in terms of hygiene indicators, the products should be tested and tested. The results should meet the corresponding standards. Only products that meet the above requirements can be put on the market.

China baby wet wipes are disinfection products, so the labels and instructions must not contain any false or exaggerated content, and must not contain any disease treatment functions and effects, whether explicit or implicit. In addition, the label and description of China baby wet wipes should include the following: product name, main raw material name, manufacturer (name, address, phone number and zip code), manufacturer’s sanitary license number, country of origin or place of origin (domestic wet Except towels), production date and expiry date/batch number and expiry date, etc.


What are the functions of china baby wet wipes?

Stain and bacteria are visible and invisible pollutants respectively. For smudges, most wet wipes can be removed. To achieve the sterilization effect, you need to add sterilizing ingredients to baby wet wipe.

The baby wet wipe currently on the market can be divided into two categories: the first category is disinfected by itself, but does not add sterilizing ingredients, so it can only wipe off the stains on the surface of the article, but cannot play the role of sterilization.

Another type of baby alcohol free wet wipe has added sterilizing ingredients, which are mentioned on the package. Commonly used are benzalkonium chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride, which can scratch or scratch the skin. It is used for disinfection or sterilization under circumstances, and is suitable for use when going out.

Some media have exaggerated the claim that the sterilizing ingredients in baby wet wipe are toxic and harmful to health. The sterilizing ingredients may indeed be toxic and irritating at high concentrations, but they are very small in wet wipes and do not constitute harm.

As long as parents are careful not to let baby wet wipe chew on the wet wipes, and do not wipe the inlet utensils with baby wet wipe.


How can I get china baby wet wipes?

In fact, there are many ways to buy China baby wipes. You can also buy baby wipes through the official website of the baby wet wipes company by clicking on the link. Buying wet wipes on the company's official website will be more convenient and safer, because there is no middle agent. The price will also be the most cost-effective, because there will be some coupons and activities.



After the baby wipes are sold in China, the quality and technical supervision department or the health supervision department that sells baby wipes will conduct regular or irregular random inspections of the wet wipes in their jurisdiction. There will be corresponding criticism and penalty notifications for substandard products, so relevant companies should fully understand relevant laws and regulations to ensure that baby disposable wet wipes are qualified. Hangzhou Anbo Textile Co., Ltd. is a company that legally handles baby wipes. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us through the official website.


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